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Award Winning Wine you can make yourself!

We've been making it simple for over

22 years!


Are you a wine-drinker but not a wine maker? What are you waiting for?
Making your own wine is easier then you think. Whether you want to make it on our premises or at home, we can help. Our award winning kits give you a great start and we're here to support you every step of the way. 
New to wine making? No problem. Making wine on premise is easy:

1. Come in; select the wine you want to make and get it started fermenting.

2. Come back in 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the ‘wine level’ you’re making) and bottle.

3. Enjoy your wine with friends and family.

Or, if you’d rather make your wine at home, it’s fun and simple to do. We have all of the supplies that you'll need for a successful experience and we're just a phone call away if you have questions.

Planning your wine cellar has never been easier. Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red, a light and refreshing  white or want to try a fruit wine or wine cocktail you’ll find the right wine to make at Winexpert. On Premise or At Home, you’re guaranteed a great wine making experience.  

So, if you've been thinking about making your own wine, stop thinking about it and come in to talk to Dave! He understands wine trends and winemaking and he'll help you to discover the wonderful world of winemaking for yourself.

Making wine is fun, easy and affordable!

Love your Wine!









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