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Island Mist fruit wines

Seasonal Ports






Skinny Mist

Fruit infused wines that are less than 80 calories per glass

 Slight White: Tropical Riesling

Merlittle Merlot: Blackberry Merlot

Leaner Traminer: Peach Gewürztraminer


All kits are:

7.5 L, 4 week kit

Alcohol: 6.5%

Sweetness: Medium-Sweet


Tropical Riesling

Slight on calories, bursting with flavours of sweet, juicy pineapple and mango paired with the refreshing citrus notes of Riesling

Blackberry Merlot

Merlittle calories, merlots of flavour. Round fruit-forward Merlot gets a juicy infusion of succulent blackberry.  

Peach Gewürztraminer

Flavours of freshly picked peaches against a backdrop of crisp and subtly floral Gewürztraminer. Lean on calories, mean on taste.

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