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Make your own wine for your Wedding!

Making your own wine for your wedding is fun, easy and economical, whether it's to serve during the reception or to give as a gift to your guests. Wine is always in style and makes the perfect  keepsake for your guests.

The prices below are for our complete wedding package. Your choice of Chai Maison wine concentrate, custom labels, shrink tops, corks, new bottles and all taxes.  Depending on what you need, we can also customize a wedding package just for you.  

Kits and supplies are available for 'Make at Home' wine makers as well.

All kits make 23litres of wine – 29 x 750ml full bottles. There will be some wine in the 30th bottle but it may not be full so keep this in mind when you are calculating how much wine you need and how many kits you need to make.

What's Involved?

At Winexpert you spend approximately half an hour selecting what wine you want to make and starting the fermentation process. 

28 days later you come back and bottle your wine.  How long this takes depends on how many selections you've made and  how many friends you bring to help you.  On average it takes 45 minutes for the first selection and a half hour for each additional selection.

Many couples bring their friends along, some 'nibblies' and have a bottling party. We'd love for you to do this however please mention your plans when you call to book your bottling appointment.

How long before the wedding should we make the wine?

Your wine will be quite enjoyable on the day it's bottled, however we recommend you leave whites about 1 to 2 months and reds about 2 months before serving them at your wedding or special function. 

Chai Maison level wine may be cellared between 1 1/2 and 2 years making this one of the things that you can do well before your wedding.

How much should we make?

If you are serving wine only at dinner, we recommend that you calculate1/2 a bottle per person.  If you are serving wine throughout your reception, calculate 1 bottle per person.

One bottle per couple is usual for keepsakes.

What  type of wine should we make?

Any of our Chai Maison wine kits are available for this package, however we’ve found the most popular wines for weddings are:

White:   Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc

Red:       Merlot, Vieux Chateau du Roi and Pinot Noir

Fruit wines and ice style wine are also popular choices for keepsake bottles. 

How much red versus white to make and serve is a personal preference.

What are Custom Labels?

Our Custom Labels come pre-printed with a graphic and we print whatever text you’d like to add to personalize it for your special day. People generally include their names, wedding date and the wine type on their label. Some also add a special saying or phrase that is meaningful to them. All 30 Custom Labels for a single selection must have the same text.

We are not able to print pictures or additional graphics on the labels

Anything else I should consider?

Some halls don't allow you to bring in your own wine (due to liquor license issues) or will charge you corkage. Be sure to check their rules and confirm any cost before making the final decision about making your wine.

All wine making is paid for when the wine is started.


Package A: You make 30 – 750 ml bottles of wine

Includes 30 x 750ml bottles, corks, shrink tops, custom labels and all taxes

per selection – 30 bottles






Package B: You make 60 – 375 ml bottles of wine

Includes 375ml bottles, corks, shrink tops, custom labels and all taxes

per selection – 60 bottles






Package C: You make 30 – 375 ml bottles of ice style wine

Ice Style Wine – Includes 375ml bottles, corks, shrink tops, custom labels and all taxes  

per selection – 30 bottles



When calculating how many selections you need to make,

remember that the 30th bottle from each selection may not be full.


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